Saturday, February 2, 2013

A remarkable day yesterday. I woke with leg and feet pain, but thought I would tackle the postponed job of replacing the shelf under the bathroom vanity. I knew it would be a tack, but morphed into a bigger job.
Taking the old shelf out was a task because of the material from which it was made. Then when I was replacing the shelf, I bumped the J trap and because it had corroded over the years, the pipe split. I am glad it happened then or I would have had to do it after my new shef was in place. The pipe was so corroded, it didn't want to come out and had to be puld into pieces with a pair of pliers.
During my repair marathon, I felt shakey and my blood sugar was 73. I don't tolerate under 100 very well. I popped in 2 pieces of candy and rested for a few minutes.
Later my daughter called me down stairs. I looked out the window and saww billowing smoke and soot in the air. I found that my chimney was on fire. She called 911 and I dischrged a small fire extinguisher into an access hole of the chimney. The extinguisher helped. The firemen came and finished the job.
I want to thank the volunteer fire companies of Bulskin township and the Saltlick township for their quick response and their help,
There was no damage to the house, but I am not sure about the chimney. All in all I am thankful for the blessings of God tucked in amid the problems. Things could have been so much worse. Instead I still have a warm, dry house.

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