Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I have been thinking (I know that is a scary thought) about this winter's wild temperature changes. It has been unusual and frustrating at times. It seems different than other winters than I can recall.
It has NOT been enough to make me swallow the Kool Aid of Al Gore and other alarmists about climate change. I am not gullible enough to think that puny men can change the climate. That is in God's hands alone. I think this "carbon tax and carbon credits" is just another way for the many governments of the world to take the taxpayers' money and to have more control over our lives.
Going green has some admirable qualities, but more and more, green energy is failing and more and more "fossil fuels" are being discovered and generated.
It seems the government of the United States is trying to strangle its people by limiting the mining, drilling, and even by halting new nuclear capabilities to produce energy and starve us economically with higher prices, more taxes, and inferior quality of health care.
Enough of my soapbox stance.

This winter's weather has been like a roller coaster ride,
Coldness interspersed with warmth; the variables are wide.
The snow blows in, the sun comes out and melts the snow away,
Yet it seems the snow comes fiercely back the very next day.

Or is it like a carousel; its cycles turn and turn.
Brief intervals of sun appear, but for the Spring I yearn.
I would trade the ups and downs of the sunshine and the freeze
For the extended periods of rain, sunlight, and breeze.

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