Thursday, February 21, 2013

It's cold, so very cold. I've been told that the roads are not in good shape. It makes me glad I don't have to travel them unless I choose to do so. The wind and cold and I like it less and less as the years have passed. In a way, I'd like to move, but like any old tree that has set down roots, it's hard pulling them out of the ground.
I think in the Spring, when I don't have to worry about the fire and Anna, I want to make a few short visits before I need to get the garden ready for planting. I think making the garden is why I like the Spring. (And the cold is gone.) It's a time for renewal. A time to get ready for a rebirth.
There is  a saying, "As the daylight grows longer, the cold grows stronger.." It certainly seems that way, but February is almost over then comes my birthday month.
This ditty I wrote yesterday when that wind almost took the breath away.

What a lazy wind today, blowing cold and strong.
It went through me, not around, the way that was long.
The wind biting and chewing went straight for the bone.
The snow was flying. White-outs made me seem alone.
Short bursts of snow and snow bands filled with energy.
Thick clouds and bright sunlight, todays reality.
Phil snug and warm in his den doesn't really care
About how strong the wind or how chill is the air.

Short and well... not so sweet today.

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