Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day It is a day set aside to show the importance of love. It is  a time to show someone else that you love them. But the real love shown was on Good Friday when one person became the sacrifice far all mankind and took the punishment for all of our sins and transgressions.
Just saying "I love you." isn't enough. It takes actions.

Old lace unravels. Flowers fade.
Forgotten Valentines, handmade.
Empty candy boxes tossed out.
Fancy meals forgotten about.
Sweet nothings wither in the ear.
The taste of kisses disappear.
Is this love and what it's about?
Love leaves no room for any doubt.

Tender touch no longer lingers.
Years fade the caress of fingers.
Memories weaken of love past.
Even photographs will not last.
Candles burn down to little nubs,
Small flowers now grown, turn to shrubs.
Is this love? Can I ever tell?
You can know love. Your heart will tell.

 Good relationships can grow stale.
Sometimes even marriages will fail.
Wedding vows remembered no more.
Rings lay untouched in dusty drawer.
The bride's bouquet's withered and dried
Separating the groom and bride.
Is this love? Love's solid and sure.
Love is meant to long endure.

It's hard work to stay together,
Bound with a deep loving tether.
Hold tight to the love that has grown
Where love's given and love is shown.
Keep love alive in things that you do
Each day your commitment renew.
Is that love? Only you can know.
Nurture it and help it grow.

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