Monday, February 11, 2013

My thoughts have been into the Valentine's day holiday and yet those thoughts have not been drawn to it in the usual way. Cards, flowers, and candy are just passing fancies.
They are tokens of sweetness and love, but not the true meaning of love and do not always share what the full depth of sweetness.

Sweetness isn't always found in candy
Sometimes it is found in friendly faces
Sometimes it's in hearts of kin that's handy
It's even found in different places.
In lion's carcass, sweetness, Samson found
Sweetness can be found in a night of sleep.
Rain can be sweet when dried, brown lands surround.
There' is sweetness in our tears when we weep.
Sometimes it can be found in a hug or kiss.
It can be found in the smell of a rose.
There's sweetness to be found in wedded bliss,
Or in the pinkness of a baby's toes.
It can be found in the sap of a tree.
Melodies can be sweet and lift the soul.
Bondage isn't, but it is when set free.
Accomplishment's sweet when we reach the goal.
Sweetness can be found at morning's first light
When fear has tormented the whole night through.
It can be sweet as twilight turns to night
When the day's been filled with so much to do.
Sweetness may be an opened Valentine card.
It touches the heart when reading each line
Handwritten or the words of a bard.
It's sweet when your thoughts, card, and words combine.
Sweetness can be a father's correction
Or cookies made by a grandmother's hand.
It might be in a mother's affection.
It depends what you see and where you stand.

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