Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I am very concerned with the direction that our country is going.  Nancy Pelosi says the government doesn't have a spending problem it's just a revenue problem which means more taxes. Her logic is so convoluted I don't think she knows what she is saying.
In your house and mine, you only have so much money and have to shift priorities to cover our expenses. You can't tell your boss he HAS to pay you more because you want a vacation in Hawaii or a new car, but our officials think it is perfectly all right to keep increasing taxes.
They keep giving more and more away; free cell phones, extended unemployment benefits, "free" health care (That is just a way to tax us more. Health costs have already started to rise. Seniors, you will have to buy supplemental insurance to be able to pay for Quality" health care.), and don't forget free condoms, needles, and contraceptives.
Something a friend wrote about something derogatory I said about the President got me to thinking along this line. I wrote the following this morning. The writing may be a bit rough.

If people do not, they shouldn't eat,
Yet day after day, they suck at the teat
    Of a government's misguided program.
If it keeps offering things that are free
There are those who will accept willingly.
    There's no need to work and no need to scam
There's always room at the "government's trough.
"Vote for the one with the biggest payoff.
    They want and ask for more from Uncle Sam.
    Choosing "No work", no pay , no vote I say.
Less taxes, less spending, less government
Less money to unfriendly countries spent.
    No money for "art" of the N. E. A.
N. A. T. O. gets less 'til they take stands for peace.
Our support of dictators needs to cease.
    I. R. S. be gone, for a flat tax pay
No balanced budgets without spending cuts.
Constantly raising taxes is just nuts.

Sorry about the soapbox, but our President, Senators, and House Members aren't listening to the working men and women of the country.

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