Thursday, February 7, 2013

I am getting older and it is taking longer to rebound. My coccyx is sore. Some movements and sometimes the way I sit intensifies it. I've still been keeping up with my chores; hauling in the wood for my wood burner, hauling out the ashes, shoveling snow. It just takes longer. I like to read and write. These activities, I hope, will allow me to heal more rapidly. I started to write this last night and finished this morning.

I hear waves in their steady rush
As they roll against the shore.
Evening settles in a hush.
Winter's night descends crisp and pure.
The shining stars fill the dark sky'
Sparkling with a bright twinkling light.
Geese in their "V" formation fly,
Honking above in the inked sky.
Snow starts to fall with swishing sound.
It drops faster and things once bare
Are now standing and white snow crowned.
I write these thoughts so I can share.
Everything I feel, touch. or hear.
No one shares this beauty but me.
I am alone with no one near
Storing them in my memory.

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