Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Not a lot happening today. It just sounded like sleet tapping on my windows and I am too lazy to get up to look. Actually I want to go back to bed and will after I am done with my post.
I just got an e-mail reminding me of the next writers' group meeting for Friday. It is the one bright spot this winter. (Other than my family and grandchildren.)
Grandchildren are such a blessing, even when some are in Texas. I do miss them a lot.
This past summer, my son, his wife, and MY two granddaughters came here to visit. One on the places that I took them was to Idlewild Park. MY dad and mom took me and my siblings there when we were kids, I took my kids, and now I get to share the park with my granddaughters. I loved it.
I am worried though. The new owners seem not to be as good at keeping the rides up to date. Some are not running at all.
Storybook Forest is smelling musty and general upkeep could be better. Will it be there for the great grandkids? I don't know, but the new owners needs to look more closely at the gem that they have.
I haven't written any new poetry to share and don't feel like rooting around in my old stuff.
I think I will curl up back in my bed for forty or so more winks.

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