Sunday, February 24, 2013

I am still spending time in the basement. I got rid of about eight or nine Walmart bags of newspapers I have a lot of sorting yet to do. Tupperware, does anyone want any? I do have some larger things that need moved, but... well, those will have to wait.
I am trying to be a little more free as I write. I am not sure that I like it, but I will see. I can remember that I didn't like the taste of olives when I first ate the,. but do now. (I like the green and my daughter likes the black.)
I put more tallow/ suet out for the birds two days ago. It was a large lump and even the crows haven't carried it off. I put the rib cage of a doe that I got in a tree for the birds to scavenge and have been placing the suet inside as well. Those bones have been picked fairly clean and have kept many birds from starving this winter.
Let's give the free flow writing another shot.

I can write. I can write,
Whether about an elephant or a mite.
It is my delight to write
Sharing what I think tonight.
I can write, I can share
About an ant or grizzly bear.
Sometimes I dare to compare
Writing whatever I dare.
I can write whether you read it or not
About a human or a robot.
I will give you what I got
Or at least give it a shot.
I can write if you can stand it
Whether about a cop or a bandit.
You would think that I planned it.
It's my writing and I'll brand it.
I can write, don't you know
Whether about a canary or a crow.
Their story of happiness or woe,
I can write in sunshine or woe.
I can write. What can I say
Whether for free or for pay?
People or animals I will portray.
I like to write. I do it each day.
I can write and share my delight
Over a princess or royal knight.
Whether in love or in a fight,
I can write, I can write.

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