Thursday, March 31, 2016

Embarrassed at a Whole New Level

            This past Wednesday evening for prayer meeting at our church, our pastor approached me before the service started and said, “Wow, you’re famous now.” I thought, “Did someone read one of my books and tell him what a great job I did?” I’ve written three books about a fictional retired homicide detective from the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania police force. It was a possibility, but no. I posted on my Blog spot in the middle of March about a family that are being called to be missionaries to the cold, icy country of Greenland. J. R. Wright visited our church on deputation, trying to collect support for them while they brought the Gospel to the natives of Greenland.
            While he was talking about the things that he hoped to accomplish in assisting another missionary family in Greenland, he was specifically talking about starting a boat ministry to reach the small villages that can only be reached by sea. It was then that my phone rang. I had forgotten to shut off the ringtone and of course, it interrupted J.R.s presentation. My ringtone is the theme song to Popeye the Sailor Man. Toot, toot. To say I was embarrassed is an understatement, as I fumbled to remove my phone from my pocket and silent its ten to fifteen second serenade.
            The service went on, with no help from my interruption. At the end when we were greeting the Wright family, I said to J. R. that I considered the seafaring song as a blessing on his boat ministry. I posted this in the next day’s blog and said that I hoped he forgave me. When I saw him that evening, that was basically the first words out of his mouth, he forgave me. I gave him my business card as an author and writer. He found and perused my Blog spot.
            Now, back to me as a famous person, the Wright family’s newsletter updating a world full of churches that during his deputation, he had been interrupted by a man’s phone playing Popeye the Sailor Man and he considered it a blessing on his proposed boat ministry. My accidental, embarrassing, faux pas has now gained worldwide fame. I’m sure that J. R. is asking his readers to pray that I don’t forget to silence my phone for a church service, again.
            For anyone who may need a blessing from Popeye for their boat ministry, please let me know. If only my blog and my books would gain recognition that quickly. (SIGH)

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