Monday, March 7, 2016

Old Ladies and Craft Shows

            I spent Saturday morning and early afternoon at the St. John’s church near North Huntington. It was held in their gymnasium. Tables were set up, with wide aisles to allow shoppers easy access to the handmade items for sale. It was an interesting mélange of crocheted, stitched, and crafted articles, everything from pillows, to potholder/ tea towel creations. Floral wreaths, stitched canvass items, placemats, runners, and of course the jewelry. Some of the jewelry was crocheted multiple with a fancy piece of broken plate, cup, or other pieces of jewelry attached as an ornament.
            The table my two friends and I spread our books on, was located close to the door and between the minimally heated gym and the chill from the outside, it was necessary to get up and walk frequently to restore the circulation and feelings to the toes. I shouldn’t complain, each of us sold three or four books. I passed out many of my business cards and met a lot of people.
            There was one old, frizzy, white-haired Eye-talian lady, as she pronounced it, who sat directly across from me. We had a great time talking and joking.  I could have put her in my pocket and drought her home..
            I met another woman who was celebrating her ninetieth birthday, happy birthday, Evelyn. I made a special trip across the gym to serenade her. It made her smile. She had things to sell, Christmas themed crocheted Mr. and Mrs. Claus.
            The drivers, to and from the event were just careless. Several times, I though sure I was going to be sideswiped by vehicles where the drivers were hugging the white traffic lines. When I was just getting over the Tuesday walk through the Deathly Hallows of whatever illness I had, it was a bit nerve wracking.
            By the time I got back home I was tired and fell into bed for a much deserved nap.
            So far, my appointment book looks like the dance card for the most popular gal at the USO and I keep getting invitations for more and more things. Whatever happened to a restful retirement where I can settle back and read a book?

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