Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Just so you don’t believe that I forgot to write a Blogspot, I’ll write a few lines. I have been sick with a major sinus infection. I went to my doctor Tuesday and he ordered an antibiotic for me. I came home and had my daughter pick up the prescription. As soon as she came, I took the one pill. After that I went upstairs and didn’t come back down until this morning. I did drink fluids, but didn’t eat or take my meds.
Yesterday was a blur. When I would check my phone, it would say that it was pm even though I thought it should be morning. Two times over the past two days, I fell both times it was almost as if I blacked out. I went all rubbery and couldn’t control my muscles. That is why I didn’t take my meds or come down stairs to eat.

I’m feeling a little better today and actually made some oatmeal. I’ll share more later.

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