Friday, March 25, 2016

Write On

            Yesterday, I posted a sad date blog that was not in keeping for my usual days to place a story on my site, but it was an anniversary and I was feeling a bit down. Today I want to step away from that and make a few comments on my writing. I am in the midst of writing another group of stories about my main character, Tommy Two Shoes and his wife Cora. It is slow slogging. Some of the ideas remain buried and undiscovered in the recesses of my brain. I am also trying to sort through things in my house, so I don’t have to call The Hoarders show.

            I posted that I attended a craft show in White Oak and sold twelve books as well as meeting several new people that I can claim as newfound friends. They were for the most part, other vendors that surrounded me. I did have one woman who bought the second book that I wrote, because she had read the first. After she left, I remembered that I donated a book to the Norwin Library and that was probably where she found it. I’m sure that one of my books hasn’t started to make the rounds at flea markets yet.
            I was called the other day by a woman from the Mt. Pleasant Library with a woman’s name and phone number that wanted to buy my books. This had never happened before and when I shared it with fellow writers, it had never happened to them either. I called her back and left a message on her answering machine and waited. I was concerned that she hadn’t called back. Perhaps I copied her number incorrectly. No, she called me Wednesday. She had been ill. She wanted the books for her mother who likes mysteries and somewhere back through history, we are related. I will find out more today.

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