Sunday, March 20, 2016

Making New Friends and Selling

            Saturday, I went with some friends to another craft show to sell our books and to meet the public. Much of what I do, is to pass out my cards and give them a quick idea about the mysteries that I write about a retired homicide cop from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. His nickname is Tommy Two Shoes, a name that he got when he had to wear a pair of mismatched pair of school and it stuck with him. I have become the official barker for the group, talking to the potential customers and getting them to draw near, sharing my spiel with them. Once they come closer, the chances of selling rise much higher.
            I have become more gregarious since I retired from nursing and have pursued a second career of writing. A writer must sell themselves as well as their books. I reacquainted myself with an Italian lady who was at another show. It was so nice.
            The woman to the left of our table was an actual book seller. She sold books from major companies, mostly children’s books. She was Jewish and I was able to find out more about her religion. The table across from us sold baked goods. There was a pile of individual cheese cakes of a myriad of flavors. There were cookies of all sorts and banana nut logs.
            The table behind me to my left was a lady who made jewelry out of natural stones, silver wire, acrylic encased that hung on silver chains, Each piece was different, reflecting the shape of the stones. The table behind and to my right were manned by two women and a youth, still in high school. They sold wreaths of various sizes and were composed of ribbons, colored burlap, and flowers. I had a blast teasing and feeding the young man. I brought several snacks with me. He asked that I put his story in one of my books. I’m not sure that I can, but I can try a limerick for him.

            Nathan, a young man was bullied.
            His name was abused and sullied.
                        But due to his charm
                        And his pitching arm
            He later filled the Pirates’ need.

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