Friday, March 11, 2016

Sometimes Saddened

            We all have times when sad thoughts swarm around us like bees on lemonade, and I am no exception. There are times that I am drawn back into memories of past events that sadden me. Not all have to do with the passing of loved ones, sometimes it is just the passing of time, when a child gets married or a graduation or even moving out on their own. In ways, they are part of normal life when a child tries its wings and leaves the nest, but it made my life a little emptier.
            Deaths are a hard event to deal with. I was saddened at the passing of a loved one, but I have willingly left them go. Truthfully, there was nothing I could do to keep them here, it was just that I allowed my feelings to open up the grasp and allow them to pass away. It gets to a certain point that death is a blessing. The passing from this sickness and pain filled world into a world of peace and joy beyond the sunset. I try not to reminisce about the exact point of death. That is the painful, empty spot in the journey, but the life that was lived to that point. Rather focus on the many remarkable things that were done in love, caring, and hope for the future.
            I just passed another milestone. My birthday was 9 March and I am fast approaching that departure point. I don’t know how long I might live, but I plan on loving my children and grandchildren until that time occurs. I want to leave them memories that will keep them smiling, long after I have gone.
            The major reason that I started this blog spot was to pass on these stories of life that I remembered or were passed on to me by my parents and in-laws. I know I have been told many stories that I have forgotten and unless someone jogs my memory, these tales of our family history will disappear. They will be lost to future generations.
            Most of the things that I share are not earth shattering happenings, but insights to the everyday occurrences that pepper our family’s past. Some of the tales are pleasant and some, not so pleasant. I try to write the essence of what I’ve been told, usually without my pronouncement of judgment.
            Sadness, happiness, gladness, joy, life, death, all of these things go into the melting pot that is the basis of life. I don’t want to get too maudlin or too philosophical, so I will leave you all with the thought, sunshine would be so much less without the occasional rain shower.

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