Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Dreams Can Come True

            Last night, I dreamed. I rarely remember my dreams and what I dream are usually not worth remembering, so it surprised me when I recalled it when I woke. It was a premonition dream, a dream that came true. I could vividly hear the burner on my natural gas stove spitting instead of the normal hiss of the flame. It is a sound that tells me the tank is nearly empty and it will be time to close the valve to the empty tank and open the other. I didn’t think anymore of it, until I decided to make lunch and turned the knob on my stove.

            The flame of the burner was small and made the spitting sound of low pressure in the tank. It was a déjà vu moment. It was a dream that came true.

            My Grandmother Miner’s dreams often came true. One of the t two I remember was the one that she told about working in her flower garden. She dreamed that there was a snake in the flower bed. Instead of reaching in with her hands, she used a hoe to part the plants and there was a snake.

            The other one that she shared was one that was so very weird and unusual. She said that in her dream, she saw a car drive down their farm lane and as the vehicle went by the house, the driver had no head, ridiculous, right?

             She was asleep and heard a car driving down their farm lane. The front porch was about six feet below the roadway. Grandma left the porch light on and as the car passed by, the porch roof cast a shadow against the side of the vehicle. The angle of the cast shadow fell across the driver’s shoulders, putting the area of the man’s head in deep shadow. It made him look as though he had no head.  The man had a head, but the image matched my Grandmother Miner’s dream.

            I’m sure that she had more dreams that came true, but these are the two that I remember.

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