Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Embarrassed, Sure

            We’ve all had moments when we’ve been embarrassed, put our feet in our mouths, or committed some sort of faux pas. We are human after all.  One of the first that comes to my mind was an occasion while I was dating my wife-to-be, Cindy Morrison. It happened one Sunday afternoon. It was the first time that I had been invited to have Sunday lunch with the whole family. Roast beef, mashed potatoes, and corn pudding filled the table and soon filled our stomachs. Eating slowed and conversation increased in the relaxed atmosphere. I opened my mouth to say something and a small burp escaped.

            That was embarrassing enough, but when Cindy’s dad, Bud scowled and said, “How dare you burp before my wife?” My ears began to burn and I am sure that I blushed. I had a choice. I could either wilt and slide under the table or I could make a joke of it and laugh at myself. I replied, “I didn’t know that it was her turn.” A small look of surprise crossed his face before he began to laugh.

            Last night at church for the mission’s conference, I had another incident. I forgot to shut off the tones for my cell phone and of course, someone called me, right in the middle of the visiting missionary’s sermon. Earlier, J. R. Wright, the missionary on deputation to go to Greenland shared his desire to go there, establish churches, and expand the boat ministry.

            Now, comes the coincidental part. My cell phone plays Popeye the Sailor Man. I chose it because I served in the Navy and if my ringtone sounded when I was out, I knew immediately that it was mine. I fumbled for at least ten to fifteen seconds to get it out of my pocket and to silence it. J. R. stopped and said that he’d never had that tune play while he was speaking. The old feeling of sliding out of sight returned, but after the service, I apologized and said, “Consider the ringtone interruption a blessing on your boat ministry.”

            I will have to wait until tonight to see if I have been forgiven.

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