Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Hints and Tints of Spring

            Yesterday, Was a remarkable day. After the darkness of winter, the piles of dirty snow, and the chilling winds, it was a most welcome and refreshing change to have sunshine and warm zephyrs surrounding me. The longer daylight hours are a preamble to the promises of spring and the days of summer beyond.

            Outside the delicious warmth and freshness to the air greeted me. I was almost tempted to dance on my front lawn, but the fact that I can’t dance very well and that my neighbors already think I am odd, kept that impulse in check. I didn’t want to give them a reason to call the boys with the strait jackets.

            Earlier, as the sun peaked over the horizon, I was awakened by a slowly building symphony of robins, while a ring-necked pheasant strutted in the back yard, crowing loudly. They were soon joined by the “Take two. Take two,” of a mourning dove. The frog peepers sounding their soprano reed like pipings to the chorus. I am happy that the neighbors haven’t brought the rooster to the coop beside of their building in the field behind my house.

            On the gentle slope beside my driveway, the leaves of my miniature tulips had emerged, reaching toward the sun and two of my crocuses have shown their colorful faces, one a bright orange-yellow and the other a soft purple. The grass is becoming more green, shaking off the browns of winter and the buds on the tips of the trees and beginning to swell, pregnant with the thoughts of spring. Yes, there are hints and tints of springtime all around.

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