Monday, April 4, 2016

Attending a Hanging

            Most of Saturday afternoon, I was in the Ligonier Valley Library, Ligonier Pennsylvania helping to sort and frame some of the late photojournalist, Charles (Chuck) Martin’s photographs for his widow, Sally Martin. After the task of framing, the collection was hung and put on display for the public to view. There is an open house reception Tuesday 5 April 2016 at 6:30 p.m.
            The collection displays a large array of subjects, many photos of the rich and famous, as well as shots from the Hill district of Pittsburgh immediately after the death of Martin Luther King Jr. He was the only photojournalist to capture this potentially dangerous boiling pot for posterity.

            Chuck and Sally co-wrote an interesting book on his family’s struggle to clear the wilderness, build a home, and settle in southwestern Pennsylvania, between Greensburg and Mount Pleasant. The book goes into detail describing the difficulties the family had with the Native Americans and the government. They were thrown out and burned, only to return and rebuild.

            Sally Martin is no shrinking violet either. She has bicycled around the world, literally, as well as swimming, running, and skiing in triathlons. Her effort has won many honors and quite a few medals. She is into her eighties and still competes and won medals in the senior citizen Olympics throughout America and abroad.
            This pair was a very active and astute couple, pushing the boundaries of life, even while raising their children and creating a home for them all. Their snug cabin hideaway is located in the Laurel Highlands, not too far away from my home. I have been fortunate enough to become acquainted with them both. Chuck passed away before I got to know him well, but I have been blessed to know Sally as a dear friend.

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