Thursday, April 28, 2016


            As children, we all grew up learning by testing the boundaries that were set by our parents and grandparents. It was a way for us to know what was right and what was not acceptable; a way of learning how to think for ourselves. It was a way to determine and set the moral compasses in our lives. Those boundaries were placed so that we might understand what was expected of us and what the norms of society were. These limits taught us to respect others and to be responsible to authority, of property, and for the laws of the land. Punishment for crossing those landmarks showed us that there were consequences for those trespasses.
            Each generation has become more lax, lessening the pressure to comply with societal limits and have widened the acceptable boundaries. Look at the clothing worn today. Many of the youth wear garb that barely covers what underwear covered just a few years ago. They go to school showing more flesh than a butcher shop display window. I’m not saying that some change wasn’t necessary. No one wants to be covered from head to toe in Lindsey-Woolsey or wool, but there should be a point that is not acceptable. I won’t blame it on the kids. They see what the celebrities are wearing and do their best to emulate them. The media pushes the boundaries of decency to wean people away from practiced standards toward a culture where anything is tolerated and accepted.
            Respect for others was once taught in our homes, churches, and communities, but violence is now rampant. Abortions and the elimination of the threat of capital punishment have lessened the value we place on life. Mass shootings and the “knock out game” shows a lack of empathy for helpless victims. Removing corporal punishment from schools have allowed some schools to become battle zones where the student often goes unpunished for bad behavior.
            There have been recent judicial rulings that go against the United States Constitution and our established American rights. These rights were previously guaranteed in the Amendments. The assault on our rights continues, as they try to ban the ownership of weapons and ammunition. Marriage has been redefined, its standing has been raised to a right, and if I should say something against it, I can be prosecuted for a hate crime, infringing on my previously guaranteed rights of freedom of speech and religion. I know that many cannot or will not see how this one ruling impacts others, but it does and it will continue to cross boundaries.

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