Monday, May 2, 2016

Are We Ever Satisfied

            Too dry, too wet, too hot, too cold; are we ever satisfied? Not enough money, too busy, bored; do we ever have enough? Worse than that, are we ever just thankful? When our needs are met, do we want more? It’s like when we’re eating and there is one slice of pot roast or a few small potatoes left, feeling full, and sitting there wondering, “That was so tasty, maybe…” Then we decide, “I can’t let that go to waste” and it goes to waist instead. We push away from the table, waddle over to the sofa, and collapse in a stupor, wondering why we are tired.
            I America, too many have so much and yet we are so ungrateful and unthankful for what we have. In many places, food, water, and adequate housing are just a dream. They don’t want equality; they want a chance to earn what we have so abundantly. I know that there are children that go to bed hungry, according to government statistics, but with food kitchens, food pantries, and welfare, that should be addressed.
            There was a time when churches handled these needs, but more and more the government has stepped in with so many rules and regulations, it nearly impossible for them to function. Churches kept tabs on folks who really had a need and those who chose not to work and try to lift themselves out of poverty. They knew the destitute from the lazy. They gave to meet the needs of the needy.
            The government stepped in, always thinking that it could do better. There is so much waste and inefficiency of bureaucracy, much of the resources are lost and fed back to the federal system. The government has taken the place of the “bread winners” and “the baby daddy” to single parent homes. Often the money distributed to feed the children goes to alcohol, tobacco, and drugs. The local communities had a better handle on these situations and wouldn’t have allowed the abuse that is rampant today.

            I am thankful that we have enough to feed our children, but not appreciative of the waste.

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