Monday, May 9, 2016

Smicksburg Snacking

            Saturday, I drove to Smicksburg, Pennsylvania with three of my friends and fellow writers. This is the second year that I have gone to a book signing at Windgate Winery just outside of the town. It was almost a two hour and ten minute drive, but the winery is in the in the middle of Amish country and very picturesque. It is an annual event presented by the Emerson family. Saturday, was the seventh in the series. Cay, the co-owner is a gracious lady who does her best to make all who come welcome. There were twenty-four authors and writers attending.
            Cay sets out a light luncheon buffet early for the word smith attendees, providing sustenance for the authors to survive the one p.m. to 3 p.m. selling of books and the crowds that come for the wine tasting event that runs simultaneously.
            Last year, I didn’t sell one book, but bought three as Christmas presents for my daughters. This year, I sold three. Two books sold because of my deceased mother-in-law, Retha Morrison. The writers were herded onto the lawn for photographic evidence of our gathering, as I returned, I remarked, “My mother-in-law gave ISIS their inspiration. When she first started to use a camera, she cut off everyone’s head.” Two women who were sitting on the veranda heard my remark and said, “That’s just not right.” I chuckled and went inside, grabbed my books, and returned. I proffered them saying, “Some more o that warped sense of humor is written inside.” They laughed and bought two books.
            The only jarring incident was directed by the GPS we were using. On the way there, we were put onto a two and a half mile of gravel road. It was well maintained and had fewer potholes than many paved ones.
            Thank you Windgate Winery, your hospitality was as warm and welcoming as was the weather.

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