Thursday, May 5, 2016

Nostalgic Photographs

I started to go through photographs, looking for a specific photo that my daughter wanted and that is no small chore. There are many of the two gallon size of plastic storage tubs, chock full of pictures from almost eternity past. Not quite, but like the postcards that I share each day, I inherited most of the photographs from my parents and from my in-laws. I have a feeling that I will be sorting and sharing them until the day that I die, then it will be up to my kids to complete the task.
My mother-in-law Retha Morrison was an avid photographer, even after she learned not to decapitate the subjects. Her trips with my father-in-law and then after his death, with Conrad and Dorothy Auel took her to all parts of the United States and Canada. There are hundreds of them. She had photos of all kinds.
My daughter Amanda Yoder was at one time a photographer by trade and her stockpiles of captured moments rival her grandmother. She took photos on church trips, sports events at school, and a myriad of poses of family members.
I need to put the photos of our wedding in an album. Cindy was a beautiful bride wearing the gown that her mother created for her. Retha also stitched the gowns for the attendants in a mint green and pastel yellow. Of course, her bridal bouquet was filled with daisies. All brought back pleasant memories for sure.
In one tub, I hit a stash of Cindy photos, from the black and white to the Polaroid pictures and the school photos from the many years. That was a little harder to sort through. From infant photos through the pixie haired years to the large tortoise framed glasses. Her hair was one thing that stayed the same. It was baby fine and wouldn’t hold a curl. When she tried getting perms, her hair had a slight wave for two days and smelled up the bedroom for a week. I think that I will close the lid on that tub and sort it out another day.


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