Wednesday, May 4, 2016


            What would I do if I woke up one morning and the spam box of my e-mail was empty. Would I jump for joy or would I think the end of the world had arrived? Would I hit refresh to see if there wasn’t some advertisement hiding in the wings? I do know that I do a superficial search to be sure some of the emails from friends doesn’t slip through the cracks and enter the dead head zone. Who actually responds to these fishing promotions? Do the companies who post spam get enough business that they can afford to pay Yahoo and the other companies to post this drivel?
            A sampling of this morning’s barrage: Dental implants, 3 year loans, on line colleges, J.G. Wentworth, and Diabetes treatment. I see senior living, I am a senior and I am living, but I am not going to use their service to see if I am alive. (Just kidding). And who can resist the sample pack from Victoria’s Secret? Anderson windows wants me to check out their newest offer. Burial options wow, I am old, but who needs reminded of that, and didn’t I just say I was a live? Medical billing: I just got away from that rat race. Gas credit cards: my kids say I make enough gas, h-m-m-m maybe they want to buy mine.
            Forgive my student loans: if I haven’t paid by now, I never will and anyway, I had the G.I. bill to help me. I worked for that education. Optima IRS forgiveness program: why should I want to forgive that blood sucking arm of the government? Russian women on line, wow the U. S, isn’t having enough problems with importing Syrians? And Dr. Yussuf Daniel wants to increase my bank account by $250,000.00 if I only send him all of my information. What a dolt? Your attorney guidance, I might need them if I answered Dr. Daniel’s advertisement.
            These are just a few of the gems that tagged me this morning. I’m glad that in the forty-eight spots was an offer to accept me into a Migraine study. I am so thankful for that.

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