Monday, May 16, 2016

What’s Wrong

I usually don’t post anything political on my blog. This post kind of skirts the issue. I’m not endorsing any candidate, but commenting on the reasons that Donald Trump has made his way to the forefront of the GOP candidates. It seems that for the past decades, the Republican Party has been pulling the same type of men out of the back room, knocking off the moth balls, and wiping off the dust. The American people are tired of the Republican men and women who say they will do one thing and then when they get in office, they compromise, leaning more and more to the left. They say they will support the Constitution and the rights guaranteed in its amendments, but are easily dissuaded and led astray. Republican leaders are now shaking their heads and wondering how Donald Trump won the hearts of many Americans, or how he has gotten to the head of the pack, when the answer is right before their eyes.
The citizens do not want another one of the “good old boys.” They are much more willing to support the unknown, than to support the same old, same old. They want someone who is not part of the rank and file politicians that promise to stand firm and then collapse and lean more to a Socialist government. They want less bureaucratic red tape, less imposition on their freedoms by the EPA, smaller government, and less of the ransom tactic of do it my way or we will withhold federal funds. The people want a leader that wants a strong military, not bow, apologize and kowtow to foreign leaders. They want a leader that is untried rather than one who has worked his way up through the ranks, wheeling and dealing with the Liberal left. Perhaps, they want to try someone with enough money, not to be persuaded by lobbyists.
Perhaps the GOP needs to take a long look at themselves, get their heads out of the beltway, and listen to the people who helped to get them into office. Perhaps it is time for term limits. New people that are fresh out of the general population and understand the plight of those who they represent. Perhaps it is time to set up a vote of confidence rule for all politicians and have their salaries based on performance. If politics isn’t considered an occupation, the United States could save millions by not having to pay their salaries after retirement. All in all, Trump became a nominee and candidate because the GOP is becoming less responsive to conservative values in the eyes of the people of America.

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