Wednesday, May 11, 2016

A Busy Week for a Retiree

            It certainly has and will be a busy week for me. This past Saturday, I was in Smicksburg, Pennsylvania for Windgate Winery’s annual book signing for local authors and wine tasting event. It was a gathering of twenty-four writers to present their accomplishments to the public. I managed to sell three of my Tommy Two Shoes detective books.
            Sunday included church in the morning, a writers meeting at the Art Museum in Greensburg, Pennsylvania at two p.m., and then church again Sunday evening. I don’t usually mow on Sunday, but because it was to rain all week, I used my riding mower to mow after the meeting and before evening church services.
            Monday was wash, dry, fold, and put away clothing. I made a pot of chili and finished the last story for my newest book. It brings Cora, Tommy’s wife into an equal partnership in his investigative business.
            Today, I babysat my granddaughter, Hannah. She was up early and my daughter Amanda told me to be sure she took a nap. It was almost as bad as bathing a cat. She was so would up, the only thing that she didn’t do to avoid her bed was to hang upside down on the towel rack.
            Tomorrow, I am taking a friend to a dermatologist to have a non-healing growth removed from his shoulder, then in the evening there is prayer meeting at the church.
            Thursday morning, I am taking my Malibu in for some recall work. Something about the seat belt shoulder straps. It took the garage nearly two weeks to get the parts for the repair.
            Friday is another writers meeting in Latrobe. The afternoon meeting in the back room of the Beanery, a coffee joint and is open to all writers from one p.m. until three.
            Saturday is another sorting, consolidating, and cleaning of my house. I am trying to eliminate many things and condensing clothing, papers, and other miscellaneous items that have accumulated over the years.

            I am looking forward to Sunday. I have nothing but the usual church services scheduled. A day of rest at last.

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