Friday, May 13, 2016

A newly met friend, Aaron writes music abd poetry. As we talked he said that he likes Haiku. I am pulling these to share for him.

 1. Soft shushing of rain
and gentle rustle of leaves
lull the woods to sleep
2. At the water’s edge...
birds and small animals place
muddy signatures.
3. Silky silver strands
hang in intricate patterns
dainty spider web.
4. The old light house stands
above rugged rocky shore
tooth poking from gums.
5. Crickets fill the night
With thin reedy pipings
A calliope.
6. After the storm passed
the wind just sighed when it saw
the harm it had done.
7. The sapphire river
swept her swirling skirts around
stony bridge pillars.
8. At the creek’s deep spot
the sloping bank of green grass
fills with small boys.
9. A gentle breeze wooed
the dandelion’s bloom ‘til
her youth blew away.
10. Large ochre pumpkins
stand before corn shock palace
wearing frosty crowns.

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