Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Friends and Acquaintances

            Over the years, I have met many people. Some of which have become very dear to me while others have simply drifted away. Some I have close contact with and others I have not met at all. This may seem strange, but the internet has closed the distance and allowed those friendships to form much faster than the snail mail of pen pal letters.
            Because of my blog and Facebook, I’ve met many people and maintained friendships that would have withered and died if left to the letters sent by mail. The books that I’ve written forces me to go out in public and to tell people that I am an author, pass out my business cards, and have written those books. It is oddly different and yet the same as when I worked as a nursing supervisor. I was constantly working with the public, but on a smaller scale, limited to what occurred inside of the hospital and I was a representative of the hospital and not me.
            With the need to sell my books, I keep making acquaintances, but these are superficial, my close friends are few and far between. There are many people that I’ve met in school, in the Navy, and in my jobs that I wish now I could have stayed in touch. They were interesting people that had much to share in knowledge and wisdom. Many had told stories to me and I wish I had listened more closely to remember them and to share them with the world. My readers have been deprived because of my stupidity and those tales will go untold into oblivion.
            That is much of the reasons that I write stories of my family, tales of my work experiences, and fictional stories that my mind recalls or creates. I am so thankful of all of those who read and take the time to share their thoughts with me.

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