Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Yesterday’s Luncheon

            Several times now, I have been invited and have gone to eat lunch at different places with fellow employees of Frick Hospital in Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania. Yesterday, it was at a local restaurant, Brady’s. The area where we sat had huge windows that overlooked several small ponds and of course, ducks. The view is part of the appeal to revisit and select from an extensive menu of delicious food.
            This isn’t an ad for the restaurant, but the setting that allowed us to relax and the large room where we were seated was quiet and we were able to laugh and share stories without disturbing other diners. It was great reuniting with people with whom you worked over the many years. The stories that we shared reminded others of stories that they would share. Some had forgotten things that happened or hadn’t heard about certain things that happened. It was if the funny things happened yesterday.

            Most of the things we shared were the happy or funny things that we encountered. A few sad moments crept in when we talked about some that we knew who were ill, but for the most part, it was a joyful reunion. Some of these folks, I worked more closely as a nurse, while others, were people that I worked with as a house supervisor and not side by side.

            After we had eaten our meals, we shared how many years we worked at the hospital, how many grandchildren and some with great-grandchildren. We explained what we were doing to keep ourselves busy and amused since we said goodbye to Frick.
            Many of these wonderful nurses, clerks, housekeeping, dietary, radiology people were still involved with caring for others: grandchildren, mothers, etc. These people who cared for the sick and injured for a salary are still continuing that legacy because of the type of kind souls that they are. It did my heart good to know that they are still the people with whom I once shared my life and pray that they each have a long and fulfilling life. God bless each and everyone.

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