Monday, October 26, 2015


            I am exhausted after spending three days reading and rereading my last manuscript for editing. I spent a minimum of five hours per day looking for misspellings, missed words, missed of deletions of punctuation, and changes of wording to clarify what I actually wanted to say. Each time I do this, I am given more respect to English teachers and the “Grammar Nazis” out there, especially my niece, Becky Ritenour. God bless you all. Now, if one of you don’t have enough to do and want to volunteer to help me with editing…. Just kidding, I have a small inkling of the amount of work that you do.
            I have sore legs and a sore shoulder from hunching over my desk and the computer keyboard. I may try to do a last mowing of my yard today to walk out the inactivity with which I have abused my body in the past four days.

            Every time that I think I will have some time to relax, read, or write, something always intrudes. Either a friend needs some help, meetings, or other “necessary” events pop up or have been scheduled in the past. I hold my planner close because my mind could never remember all of the information tucked inside and I still miss things because I forget to peruse its pages.
            I forget birthdays and anniversaries on a regular basis, but then again, I was never good about sending cards. My wife handled all of that when she was alive and the head of social events. She also handled our money. (I almost typed, my money, but there are those who would not appreciate yours, mine, and ours in a marriage, unless I am talking about underwear. I don’t do lace very well.)

            I will keep this post short. I am tired of sitting and looking at mu computer screen. Take care all.

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