Monday, October 5, 2015

Time to Recuperate

            The wedding is over. It was beautiful, the ceremony and my daughter Anna. She has a wonderful husband James Prinkey and I pray only happiness for them. There were two days of setting everything up. The decorations in the church and the reception area: tables chairs, lights, flowers, centerpieces, and signage. I was up and down ladders, stairs, and emotions; usually it was anxiousness to be sure that all was done.
            On the day of the wedding, just prior to the ceremony, I was back and forth showing the women from the Saltlick Women’s Auxiliary where things were located in the kitchen, where and what Anna wanted to be done with the food and appetizers. After the service, I walked through the guests, talking and trying to divide myself in many directions. It was necessary to help those who had to leave early to get into line for food and to be sure that they had everything they needed to enjoy the day. I didn’t have time to be emotional and allow the tears to stream. That occurred the next day. Only the cat Willow and I left in the house.

            There are only a pile of items to be gathered and stored from the reception hall. Memories of the day boxed and in storage (probably at my house.) The photos from the photographer will be collected and made into albums. Flowers dried, become mementoes of a ceremony in uniting two families and two lives.
            I must say this I am glad that this is the last wedding that I will be this deeply involved in setting up. I am sore all over and my knees are protesting loudly, followed by my lower back aching. Some tenderness across the shoulders add insult to injury, but the smile on my daughter’s face makes it worthwhile.

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