Thursday, October 8, 2015

Halloween is creeping up on us, so I decided to share a poem that I wrote several years ago.

Aesop Speaks Through Cats, Rats and Bats

Aesop writes his famous fables. He writes his morals clear.

On a more virtuous path he attempts to help us steer

He uses men and animals intentions to convey

To animate these sayings and animals to portray

He uses some of the lowly creatures like snakes and frogs

Animals like ants, grasshoppers, fish, pigs, and even dogs

To explain these morals he includes crows and mice and cats

Morals easy for people to see in bulls and bats

Wolves, deer, eagles, foxes and other creatures tame and wild

Wander through his stories written to educate a child

Monkeys, asses, goats, lambs, camels scamper across his pages

Using common beasts, he lures the common man and sages

If on a cold October night you need something to read

 Aesop can be scary for an immoral world to read.

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