Wednesday, October 21, 2015


            I post things on my blog and on my Facebook account because I want to share many of my thoughts. Some of these are of memories, some are political, and some are of patriotism. If I offend anyone, please excuse my sharing of what I deem correct or funny. I don’t do this because I hate anyone. I do it because I want to share my opinion only. I don’t speak for God, because I fall woefully short and am only a sinner, saved by grace. I don’t speak for the people who are in office. I only try to remind them why they are there. Not to rule me, but to represent those people who placed them there. Not to pilfer and waste the hard earned monies of the tax payers.

            I try to point out things that I find offensive, because the freedom of speech hasn’t been entirely found null and void, although, everyday it is being infringed upon. I want to see out troops and veterans treated with the respect and honor that they deserve. I want to see the Supreme Court and the Commander-in-Chief become strong entities, standing up for America and not disassembling it by tearing out the foundation of the Constitution.
            It offends me that the freedom of religion, unless it is Islam, is being pulled apart and disrespected in all areas of America. Schools, the military, even in the churches, there are those who feel God is passé and not worthy of respect and praise. Like those people who turned their back on God, including His chosen people of Israel, He will tolerate only so much, then rain down judgment. If you don’t believe this, read the Bible.

            I am rambling and my thoughts are jumbled as to why I am writing this certain blog. So I will close for now, hoping that you can glean some of the things I am trying to share and why the things tumble out of my warped mind.

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