Friday, October 23, 2015

Late Blog

            I am so sorry that I am late posting on my blog spot. I couldn’t stand sitting at my computer any longer. I needed some fresh air. My bivouac on my computer started yesterday when my editor sent me the entire book to proof read, correct, and make any revisions that I felt necessary before it was sent to the publisher.
            My first attempt was to correct the stories that I had already written and then sent them back to her. It wasn’t what she wanted. My next attempt was to make comments on computer driven post-it notes in the margin of the text. I probably spent almost ten hours trying both projects, but when I tried to send the posted corrections, the computer told me that an unknown error had occurred and that I was unable to send the manuscript. I tried several times before the open screen of text went blank and I became too frustrated to even think of doing any more and went to bed, shortly thereafter.
            I emailed my editor and she suggested that I go line by line, marking page number and line number as well as spelling out the corrections needed. This involved another labor intensive search and correct of misspells, omitted words, errors in dialogue, or and word changes that I felt were necessary.
            I spent eight hours yesterday, only to be thwarted and five hours today. Back at home, after going out for some groceries, I found an e-mail from my publisher. Thank God that she said it was something that she could use.

            I have another book in the making. It is almost halfway written, but after the last two days, I am not sure if I want to continue. I’m going to put it on the back burner for awhile and concentrate on some poetry and shorter stories.

            The writers of the Mount Pleasant Writers Group that meets in the Mt. Pleasant Library every first and third Thursday evening at five thirty p.m. have placed on display in the library’s lobby several Halloween stories for the patrons to enjoy. Stop by to read our submissions and drop in on our meetings for writers, wanna-be writers, and for those who like to see what we are all about.

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