Thursday, October 1, 2015

So Tired

            Have you ever been so weary and tired that you aren’t sleepy? That is me right now. All day long I have been helping my daughter get ready for her big day on Saturday. Her wedding day is almost here. We hung lights, background sheets, and other various and sundry decorations at the reception area. Tables will need tablecloths and table settings put in place tomorrow, as well as decorating the church.

            Late this evening, we pulled the pork roasts apart in preparation for food to be served at the reception. Tables were placed to be ready for an influx of guests: a layout of cookies, candies, and hors’doeuvres to keep them occupied until photos are taken. Once the bridal party arrives back at the reception hall, they will be treated to several offerings of food, salad, and desserts.

            There will be a small wedding cake, but a mélange of flavored cupcakes to tantalize all comers. Flavors will include caramel apple, pumpkin with cream cheese icing, apple chip, and others.

            The decorations are of burlap and lace. She wanted them to reflect her husband’s choices and yet her add an infusion of femininity. Sunflowers are her favorite and will feature proximately amid the colored leaves and flowers displayed in rustic containers. Mason jars and wooden buckets will grace the altar and the tables in the reception hall.

            Finally, the sandman is wandering around me, tossing sand in my eyes. I am winding down and need to get some rest before another full day of work and the rehearsal of the wedding at the church. All must be ready by that time, other than the cooking of the food for the reception. Alas, that is another day, but it will be handled, for the most part by others.

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