Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Things Change

Yesterday, as I was changing the cotton sheets and bedding over to the flannels I began to think about the changes of the season. Outside, the leaves are changing from their summer greens to the bright hues of autumn: gold, red, yellow, orange, and crimson. They become stained glass in appearance at a distance. The skies above change from clear cerulean blue to gray and blaze as if on fire as the sun rises and sets. Clouds scoot across sky’s canvass in fluffy to wispy clusters or can collect, hide, and cover the heavens with their constantly changing shapes.
When I wake, I notice the changes in my body. A joke I heard reflects the way I feel many mornings. “I don’t have a problem rolling out of bed every morning, but getting up off the floor is definitely a problem.” Sometimes I feel the aches and pains that appear from sleeping in an odd position or from the work the day before. Disease entities also have limited what I can do and how I feel. Diseases change the image of my body, too.
One day is sunny, one day is gray. Soon, white flakes will change the appearance of the area. Icy lace and snow turbans will change the bare trees that have been stripped of their brown leaves, into a land of fairy castles and white walled forts.
Even things that are dead change. They decay, rot, and return to the earth. They become nutrients for the growing things in the coming spring. Buds turn into leaves and flowers. Blossoms turn into fruit. Bees change the nectar into honey.
There are more changes to come in my life, even if it isn’t here on Earth, but in the great beyond. This old body will fall away and all of the worldly concerns will be no more. Pain and sorrows will no longer be remembered. Joy and happiness will be the fare for eternity. One thing that has not and will not change is God’s love.

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