Monday, January 28, 2013

The computer was not co-operating this mornig, so I didn't post my normal rise and shine diary. I did some shopping with my daughter today. No sunshine, but no frigid temperatures either. I did do some writing this morning and polished some old writings that I have stored. I also found in my down time, that my filing system was not a system at all, but a chaotic tucking away of papers. I did sort and file them away in a better system. Now if I am searching for something, I now hava a general idea where it is hiding.
The following is a rewrite of an earlier poem.

Friends are like an old pair of shoed.
They are comfortaable to have.
Friendship is like a soothing balm.
Just like a cool, comforting salve.
Friendships blossom as strangeness dies
And the genuine smiles appear.
What touches you still touces me
And wipes away each tear.
Friends are like steaming bowls of soup.
They give nourishmenat to my soul.
True friends are like a compass true.
They will help guide you to your goal.
Friends, like roses, need tender care
Helping to prune away the thorn.
A friend can polis other friends
Until the rough is smooth and worn.
Friend, you shape me as I shape you
Like water flowing over rock.
Your thoughts and ny thought changes us
To evaluate and take stock.
What more can I say my dear friend?
We have formed this wonderful bond.
Ties that even time cannot sever
Though we know not what lies beyond.

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