Tuesday, January 22, 2013

About me and other abnormal thoughts

Just a few lines from a retired R. N. who is continuing to write, but now have an outlet for my ideas. I hope that you will find something that interests you or amuses you.
Other than high school, my whole life has revolved around the health care profession.
In the Navy I was a corpsman. Although I was active duty during the Vietnam conflict, I did not have to fight as did some of my friends.
I went to college on my GI bill and received my Bachelor's degree in nursing.
I have worked at the same hospital for almost thirty-seven years, twenty-eight of them as a nursing supervisor.
I am attempting to compile the anecdotes from my life into a journal/novel/book to share with others, but to at least write them down for my children and their children.
On occasion I will post an anecdote, a poem, some Haiku, or whatever else strikes my fancy to share.
The following is a ditty that came to mind after hearing a joke about the wisemen and seeing a manger scene in front of a local firehall.

A pastor once said to an old fireman friend
"In your Nativity, what did you intend?
It was beautiful. The stable all aglow,
But there is one thing that I must treuly know.
Whatever your reasons, I'm sure they're sincere,
But why were the wisemen dressed in firemen's gear?"

The old fireman looked at the the young preacher boy
And said, "I'll tell ya'." with a smile almost coy.
"Ya' mus' not have read yer Bible like ya' should
Or this mystery ya' would have understood.
Don't ya' recall readin'" as he mussed his har.
"That thse three wisemen had just come from a far."

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