Sunday, January 27, 2013

Laast night was remarkable. It was so beautiful.I went outside to clean my driveway and found myself enjoying it more than I normally do.
The moon was full and bright. It made it easier to see what I was sweeping iinto piles. Then I came to an area untouched before by my, brooms, my shovels, or the state snow plows. I had to stop and stare. THe moonlight on the new fallen snow glistened. I don't think I have ever seen snow so beautiful, rich , and fresh looking.
As I stood there leaning on my broom and looking at the light dance from the snow crystals, a far off sound floated through the silent night sky. From several mile away came the sound of a locomotive"s whistle. It reminded me of my childhood, resting in my bed and hearing the same sounds before I would nod off to sleep. A neighbor's hound bayed several times echoing the engine's plaintive call.
The cold night wind stirred me into moving from this magical spot. All of the same things surrounded me, yet it all seemed so different transformed somehow by the bright moonlight and the white sparkling snow.
I wrote this after coming back inside. It may be a bit rough. I haven't had time to polish it for you.

It was so beautiful tonight.
Full moon sharing its brilliant light.
The virgin snow lay soft and pure,
Beckoning with untouched allure.
Soft curves entice so inviting.
They sparkle in moon's bright lighting.
Unspoiled by the touch of men
It stirs yearnings from deep within.
Lustings rise to savor this prize
Dazzling lights slowly hypnotize.
Sounds and smells start to pull at me
Tugging back to reality.
The driveway remains unfinished.
My work is still undiminished.
I move and return to the task.
'Twas magic. What more could I ask?

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