Thursday, January 24, 2013

January 24th It's snowing. Who would have guessed? The older I get, the less I enjoy the snow.I shouldn't sat that is completely true. Now that I have retired the "hate" has throttled back to a hearty dislike.
When I worked, I would struggle to keep my drive open. Sometimes I would shovel it out two or three times in a day. (My daughter often helps.) Now I shovel just to be sure I can get out if an emergency arises.
I don't hate the snow when it floats down as much as when it is cold, windy, and blowing. I can remember actually enjoying it not too many years ago. It ws night time, it was so quiet, I could hear the snow flakes falling all around me. Everything was peaceful and still. The mood onlt interrupted by the occasional passing of a car.

It was with great surprise,
I woke to see the snow.
Transformed landscapes now show
Beneath clear cobalt skies.
Each thing looks clean and new.
With their blanket of white'
They sparkle in the light
"Neath skies of royal blue.
Drifts look like meringue pie.
Sun shines and red birds sing
Bright hued beauty takes wing
Beneath cornflower sky.
Bells peal in far off spire.
Chicadees gather 'round
Seek seeds on weeds now browned
'Neath skies of bright sapphire.
Timid steps of a doe
Mar meadows smooth surface.
Dainty steps made with grace
'Neath skies of indigo.
Soft sounds of little boys
With sleds on nearby hill
Playing in winter's chill
Beneath skies of turquoise.
Winter winds may chap us
Yet go outside we dare
Snowy moments we share
'Neath bright skies of lapis.

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