Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Another warm day, what a blessing. It is a relief from the frigid temperatures of the past week. Isn't it nice that we can revel in the "climate change" that Al Gore and some fake data scientists have conceived to make people want to buy into carbon taxes. It's just a way for the governments to push their hands into the workers pockets.
More and more true scientists are speaking out against this fable. There was a time when grape vines grew the North Atlantic's islands and we still have polar bears. Strange isn't it. Mankind wasn't as "polluting" then and yet we still had warming. It is cyclical. The sun warms and cools and so does the Earth that receives that energy.
I can remember as a child being greeted by the older folk when we would visit. They would say, "Come in and make yourself t'home." This is why I wrote the following.

One day I shall see that Heavenly place
When on this world, I shall no longer roam.
I shall see Christ, my Savior's shining face.
He'll say, "Come in and make yourself to home."
No more a tired stranger a wandering
In desert sand or by the ocean's foam,
But be welcomed by the Eternal King
With a, "Come in and make yourself to home."
A pilgrim journeying with weray feet,
No longer I'll walk this Earth's rocky loam,
But at Heaven's golden gate, Christ I'll meet,
He'll say, "Come in and make yourself to home."
One day my feet shall walk on golden street,
That has God described in His Bible tome.
In those glorious mansions, Christ shaell greet,
Bidding, "Come in and make yourself to home."

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