Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I am still trying to settle into my retirement and have no routine as of yet. (Other than the computer, but that is even at odd times.)
I joined a writers group. I really enjoyed it. After my first meeting, I felt like a kid after his first date. I didn't want to wait until the next time. I started planning the next day.
The group is named the Beanery Writers group and meets in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. It has an on line publication "Beanery Online Literary Magazine".
Jut like the approach of Christmas day, my anticipation grows as the next meeting date grows closer. What can I say. The people that I have met aspire to write their thoughts and creativity for others to share.
I once said, "The difference between a brave person and just a regular person, is the courage to write down thoughts for others to read, share, enjoy, or criticize. I am proud to know these brave people.
They write in all genres, from the factual to fantasy to the fantastic.
I learned how to make knotted quilts from my mother-in-law and have made several for my grandchildren. I worte this poem after I had made a quilt for one of them who lives in Amarillo.

Dear little one, this gift is to kep you snug
And warm when I am not there to give a hug.
Each stitch that was sewn, each knot that was tied
Were placed with care and my love tucked inside.
Snuggled 'neath this quilt, safe from all that harms
Is like you're held in strong and loving arms.
A gift like this from Grandpa mayseem odd
But know I love you as off to sleep you nod.
Little one, I'm wanting to hold you tight
Rock you, tuck you in, and kiss you good night.
If you are sad and start to shed a tear
Hold this quilt and think Grandpa is near.
It's not hard to love a wee one like you
Until we meet, this quilt will have to do.
Love Pappy

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