Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Family Traits

I believe that I have shared in the past the one trait that my mother, Sybil Miner Beck had for as long as I can remember. If one of her kids would say something, often it would remind her of a chorus or a line in a song and she’d sing it. We may something about the kitchen and she would sing Katy, beautiful Katy, I’ll be waiting at the Katy-k-kitchen door. It was just a natural thing and we all grew up around it.
I believe that I was the one who picked up the trait, only it just was a chorus of a song, but I included a joke or a story that ran with the theme. There are still times that I still do it today. I believe that is why I write so much to share with my friends and my family. I don’t want these things to be lost when I am gone.
My sister’s daughter had a wonderful imagination and pretended to be a movie star. She would stand in the bow window and push aside the curtains to sing, dance, and entertain.( I won’t mention her name to protect me from assault or the movie star she pretended to be.)
I just wrote a post of how my son Andrew pranked me. Although he enjoys a good story or joke, he doesn’t pop out the pranks or stories quite as often as I do.
My sister Kathy Basinger reminded of Mom’s special talent, so I’m writing about it. The trait of using songs, reminded me of my daughters Amanda Yoder and Anna Prinkey. This gene or trait must have been passed to them, especially as young children. When they were playing, they would often sing as they played. Whether they were swinging on a swing or dressing their dolls and asked a question, there would be no break in the flow of their words or a change in the melody, but they would sing out the answer. It was almost as if their response was the next stanza in their tune. Because it was so odd, many people commented when they heard it.
I’m not sure if it has been passed to my two granddaughters in Amarillo, Texas or if my granddaughter in Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania has caught the bug. I guess I will wait and see, it may just be latent and pop out at a later time, like it did with my mom.

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