Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Spam, Not in a Can

Each morning and throughout the day, I am bombarded by spam in my emails. Every day I have to skim read their titles to be sure nothing of importance has slipped in with them and then delete them all. I imagine that during the day, I delete over one hundred spam emails, anything from Russian and Asian brides to a gal visiting the area who wants to meet up. Others want me to have a breast lift or sell me purple rhino to increase my stamina. Several dating sites, insurance sites, or sites that want to read my fortune are scattered in the mix. River cruises, ocean voyages, and tours of Texas magically appear. Cheap rates on insurance, medications, or tires are often found. Most are repeats from the day before or even a few hours earlier. If I haven’t fallen for their pitches after months of deletes, what makes them think I will jump at the next chance of their offers?
Tonight, I missed a phone call and it was a spammer. There was no way I could confuse this call as a legitimate business man. The person only had a slight accent, but read the scripted text so slowly, that I thought he had a learning disability. The stumbling spiel went something like this, “Hi this is oh. This is Publisher’s Clearing House and you have won. All you have to do is to call us back and give us your social security number so we can deposit the money into your account. Thank you and bye”
Duh! I know a lot of people who like to fish, but this type of phishing, everyone can do without. I just can’t believe that anyone would fall for this obvious and blatant attempt to finagle money from a person’s bank account, possibly open new credit cards, and to bleed a person dry of all finances.

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