Friday, August 19, 2016


This morning I would like to thank two of my close friends and fellow writers for the support and professional assistance they are giving to me as I try to edit and self my next book in The Tommy Two Shoes Mysteries.”  Without their expertise and guidance, I would be more foolish than I am at present.
The first is my dear friend, Patricia Slye, who writes under the name Ageless Sage. She has written several books, sharing the wisdom and knowledge she has lived and gathered in the years God has allowed her to be here on the Earth. I can’t tell you her age, because a gentleman shouldn’t share a woman’s age once she hits eighteen. Pat writes of the tragedies in her life and gives insight as how to survive and to flourish, even in the face of adversities. Her several, self published books share these insights in a series of vignettes that cause the reader to think, smile, and sometimes share her tears. She has mastery of the English language and manages to wring so much meaning out of each word, phrase, and sentence.
Other than my own editing, Pat is my proofreader and editor. Thank you so very much.
My second friend and confidant is Janice McLaughlin. She also has self published several books, some whimsical and others that require hours of research. Jan loves poetry and her efforts have a tendency to lean in that direction, as several of her books will attest. Her other talents include photography and she has stepped into book cover designs. Jan has designed the front and reverse covers for my new attempt. She is also guiding me through the maze of self publishing. Jan’s range of books wanders into children’s books, coloring books, books she helped her cat to write, and of course, her love of poetry: how to do and Haiku.
This is a special thank you to these talented and wonderful women. I am blessed to have met them and can call them friends.

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