Thursday, August 4, 2016

Munching with the Oldies

One of my retired nurse friends called and asked if I would like to join some of the other retired Frick Hospital Nurses. They meet once a month for a luncheon. It is held at different restaurants with different venues. I was told that their preference is a place with a salad bar. Wednesday, I joined them at Grille 31 in Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania.
I got to hug quite a few of my old friends and talk about some old times and get caught up on some of the new things in our lives. I passed out my business cards and remind them that I had three books written and am in the process of publishing my fourth. I know that retirees often don’t have a lot of cash to spread around, so I told them that they could borrow my books from the Mt. Pleasant Public Library. I was able to sell a complete set of my three books to one of my friends.
I was able to talk with some who I scarcely met. They retired either before I started to work or shortly after. One of the women worked in the old Frick Hospital that had been located on Main Street. She confirmed that in an emergency to get nurses on another floor’s attention, someone would hurl a metal bedpan down the stairs to summon help.
Nurses from our ICU, CCU, Obstetrics, Emergency Department, the Operating Room, the IV team, and I’m sure I am missing some of the work areas, but it was a pleasurable experience and may just join them in August when they visit Sand Hill Berries.
To all of my friends, I usually try to use an eye catching title. You all aren’t old, you’re just getting worn in.

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