Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Feeling Sketchy

I’m not sure why I am not sleeping well at night and having the feeling of wanting to nap during the day, but it sure is annoying. Part of it has to be allergies and the pressure of a full head. During the daylight hours, one side or the other of my nostrils seem plugged and at night, I can’t sleep on my back and that causes me to toss and turn seeking a position of comfort and allows me to breathe freely. My old man bladder causes me to trek to the bathroom several times on some nights.
I am trying to review and correct any mistakes that I find in the writing for my next book, Partners for Life. Because I want to offer my books at a more reasonable price and not go through an editor and publishing company, it is taking me longer to do so. The creativity and choosing the correct words are just the tips of the iceberg when you hold a book in your hands. There is so very much more.
Not only am I composing and compiling the stories for this book, I have been rewriting my feeble attempts at Haiku poetry. As I began that task, I started to sketch thumbnail drawings to match some of the verses. When I’m finished with the next in the series of Tommy Two Shoes Mysteries, my next project is to put the sketches, one to a page, and surrounding it with three Haiku poems. I would like the reader to be drawn to the sketch, then read my thoughts. Sometimes when I read poetry, unless it is exceptionally good, the words often times seem dry and difficult to understand exactly what the author is trying to say. My mind wanders outside of the words, instead of sharing the author’s imaginings.

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