Friday, September 2, 2016

So Sorry

There have been times when I’ve misunderstood what someone said or did and I responded badly. I misinterpreted words or actions and because of that, I behaved like a fool. Some of them I have shared in past posts as my less than shining moments. Moments when I have been chagrined or completely embarrassed to the point I couldn’t explain or do more than to apologize and to say “I’m sorry.”
I am sure that I am not the only person who has “Foot in mouth” disease and because I am human, I will probably do it again unless I die in the next few seconds. SO, let me apologize for those moments in the past and for those I may commit in the future.
Now, let me get to the gist of my writing. Recently, a good friend sent me e-mails about her fall and injuries. She even sent a photo of her raccoon eyes. I thought that she was pranking me. Let me explain the reason. I sent her an e-mail just before she sent her e-mail about her fall and injuries. My e-mail was about something that I was writing and having concerns on how to finish. Right after that, her next e-mail to me was the description of her fall. She went into great detail and even sent the photos of her tumble.
Apparently, she was reading my e-mail about my unfinished project and before I could return an e-mail with sympathy and thought of get well, I got her mistimed e-mail saying only one word, “Gotcha.” I felt smug that I “almost fell for her joke.” That is until I went to the next writers meeting where I was chastised for thinking it was a joke.
I am all in with chastising myself for not attaching the Gotcha to the proper e-mail and again I have become the butt of the joke. I can only say that I am so very sorry, dear friend.

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