Sunday, September 11, 2016

Blood Brothers

Christian men gather
Christ’s death and resurrection
make them blood brothers.

Last Friday evening and Saturday I was able to attend a weekend retreat for men. It was held as a way for men to gather and worship God and separate ourselves from the hustle and bustle of the world. It was a time to have fellowship with other like minded men and to rejuvenate and refresh away from the pressures of work and home life and to refocus on the worship and praise of the LORD Jehovah and his only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. Nearly seventy men gathered at the camp, seventeen were from our church or invited as friends.
The Servant’s Heart Camp Ministries is located in Ramey, Pennsylvania. The camp uses a small part of its 215 acre area with plans to expand and offer more in the future. The lodgings are well constructed cabins and comfortable beds. After we unpacked, we were oriented to the grounds and the activities that were available. There were times for shooting trap, handgun and 22 rifle shooting range, fishing, archery, hiking trails, and shooting a flintlock rifle. There was a chariot from which spears were tossed at targets, air cannons that shot tennis balls, and a blow gun target area. There was an obstacle course, bungee run, and by controlling a back hoe, the lifting of balls from posts without losing them. As always at camp, there was the campfire.
Mr. Alton Beal was the speaker at each session. His challenges presented to us were “being humble before God,” “Talking face to face with God,” and the “true worship of God.” His inspirational messages challenged us to do more in our lives to draw closer to God.
There were ladies there who spent most of the days in the trailer kitchen creating truly inspired meals with plenty for seconds. They even made rounds to the tables offering second helpings, thank you ladies for making the visit even more memorable.
The entire staff worked hard to make the stay a pleasant and challenging event. I listed many of the activities, but not all. Unless I would describe the rules and layout of the game, like OcDoBall, it would make no sense. I want to thank all for your concern for spreading the gospel with grace and generosity.


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