Wednesday, July 29, 2015


I posted photographs on Face Book yesterday. The photos were of my nieces that often chummed around together, often having a girl’s night out. When they were together, the waitress or other people would ask if they were sisters and that was impossible.
My daughters, Amanda Yoder and Anna Beck were cousins with Jennifer Potosky and Emily Marker form my wife Cindy’s side of the family and Becky Ritenour is a cousin from my side of the family. They are not blood relatives at all, but the similarities in stature and physical appearance cause people to be confused.
These young ladies are bound by friendships that have grown over the years. Sometimes I think this bond is closer than many actual blood connections.

A similar coincidence happened with my mom Sybil Miner Beck and a good friend of hers, Velma Nicholson. They looked so very similar that people would ask if they were sisters. Velma’s real sister looked less like Velma than did my mom. Another incidental happening occurred when Velma and my mom would buy a new dress. They didn’t shop together, but would arrive at church with the same dress. After the first time of “You’re wearing the same dress,” it became humorous, if not pleasant surprises for both of them.

It is said that each person has real life doppelganger somewhere. It just produces a wonderful experience when the “twin” lives so close to you.

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